Washington Mutual Platinum Credit Card Review

Without a doubt, the Platinum Credit Card of Washington Mutual is one of the most common credit cards used in the US right now. It is fondly referred to as the WaMu Platinum Cards. This is a rather rare type of a card, since it follows an instant approval process. Apply for the credit cards today and you’ll know right away if your application are approved or not.

One of the best features of this card is the fact that it carries zero fraud liability. In case that yours is used for an unauthorized purchase online or at a local store, you won’t get billed for it. This feature can actually shield you from identity theft, which getting alarmingly common over the internet these days.

And like with other cards, the Washington Mutual Credit Card also comes with added features and benefits like discounts, rebates, and air miles. On top of these, this card is also offered with an industry low interest rate. This is something that a lot of users would like, especially if they want to have a credit card but don’t want to get too much into debt while using it.

Washington Mutual Platinum Card also comes with a grace period of 25 days for clients who fail to meet their monthly payment obligations. Not all cards have this. This feature gives the debtor enough time to settle payment without having to shoulder late payments fees. A card that understands one’s unexpected finances like this one can be hard to find.

If you get a Washington Mutual Credit Card today, you are also given access to an online portal where you can keep track of your purchases as well as monitor your card’s activities. WaMu cardholders find it easy to manage their finances and credit card purchases better using this feature. What’s more, the WaMu card is free for life. You don’t have to pay any annual fees or monthly fees for using it. Indeed, the Washington Mutual Card is truly one of the best cards out there.

Are you a trustee of a charity or a trust? If so then you will need access to a trustee bank account to let you manage the cash. Certainly a current account would be required before you consider savings accounts or any other investments

The Benefits of Browsing Credit Card Reviews

There are just so many credit card offers nowadays that choosing amongst them can be quite daunting. Agents of these companies would give you the perks of the credit cards they are vouching for. What they would not tell you, however, are the certain things that would make you reconsider getting their credit cards. Thus, to make the right choice, it is important to browse through as many reviews as possible.

One very important reason behind is the sad fact that credit card debt is a very huge problem that is common all over America. But with the help of reviews, you can actually avoid having to deal with this problem.

So, how do you go about finding credible reviews? There are actually a lot of methods you can use here. One effective way is going online and do a search on reviews. For sure, you will come up with hundreds upon hundreds of websites that feature credit card reviews. Just browse through them and get to know the features and services offered by various companies.

Another thing to look out for when browsing through reviews would be the terms of service. It is in this part where the hidden fees would be included. Watch out for high penalties and charges that the companies might employ. This is indeed something you would want to avoid. There are also many companies that do not require one to pay annual fees. So, why would you want to pick a card that charges annual fees? For sure, you would prefer the one without annual fee charges, right? But if you do not go through reviews, you just might make the wrong choice here.

Credit card reviews really provide you a better avenue for making more educated decisions. Imagine yourself getting a credit card in a hurry, only to learn that there is a better card just waiting for you around the corner! Low interest rates, no annual fee charges, the works! Wouldn’t you be regretting your hasty decision then? But with these reviews, you would be armed with more information, which you can use in coming up with a better decision. Exhaust all your options before you do make that decision of getting a particular credit card. Of course, you can get more than one credit card, especially if you find great deals. All the same, it would be better to go through reviews first.

Credit Card Review – Compare Credit Cards the Right Way

When looking for a new card it is absolutely imperative that the consumer looks at a comprehensive credit card review before they apply. There are so many issuers out there, including banks and financial institutions, that it can become rather confusing when trying to discern which offer is right for you.

The very first place the respective applicant should visit is a credible credit card comparison website. There they will be able to review and compare the latest offers from Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Under the umbrella of these four major processors of transactions are banks and issuers including Chase, Citibank, Bank of America and so on. It is important to carefully study what each offer entails and there are is no better way to review offers than by doing a side-by-side comparison.

It must be said however, that the review should be fair and impartial.

A quality review will contain the following information:





Each of these categories can be broken down further into subcategories. The point is that all of the pertinent information is revealed through these four main categories including interest rates, fees, grace periods, rewards programs, penalties, etc., etc.

Far too many people do not take the time to thoroughly research an offer before they apply. Many times what results from that is rather unpleasant to say the least. For example, a consumer sees a 0% introductory offer but fails to fully comprehend that the offer will expire.

When it does in fact expire the account holder suddenly find themselves paying very high interest rates and are taken aback by them. Sometimes surprises can be pleasant in life but when we get them from a bank you can bet that they won’t be so take the time to do your research properly when you review credit card offers.

American Express Business Credit Card Review

This American Express business credit card reviewed in this article is known as the Business Gold Rewards Card. It is a charge scheme card, as opposed to a typical credit card that allows you to pay over time. Still as card holders are extended credit with it’s use until the next billing cycle, it is a credit card; albeit not in the usual sense. This credit card is made for business owners with decent credit who aim to pay their related business expenses in full at the end of each and every month. As a holder of this American Express business credit card you also get participation in the cards membership rewards scheme at no additional cost to you.

It is important to note that this American Express business does not offer the option to pay balances over time. A side benefit to this is that it could help put the breaks on needless spending for many business as it is important to control one’s spending with this business credit card as opposed to one that allows you to pay over time. Still, if you are making a large purchase and wish to pay over time with the American express business credit card, there is a 1-800 number you can call to discuss options that are available. Tracking your card spending with the Expense Management Reports service is a snap. The service gives you quick access to data as it also helps you to manage the spending of additional cardholders, such as employees. These reports can easily be downloaded into Quickbooks or other renown commercial and personal finance software applications. You can even set up account alerts with your American Express business credit card so that you can be notified via email, cell, pager or PDA!

The American Express rewards program is one of the most flexible reward programs in the card market as there is a wide selection of rewardable goods and services that can be had with award points received. It is also good to note that there are no maximum number of points you can accumulate and use with this American Express business credit card.

Along with the other many features of this American Express business credit card is the online fraud protection guarantee that allows you to shop online with the utmost confidence and security. Simply put, if you use the card to pay for purchases online that turn out to be fraudulent, you will not be held responsible. The American Express website clearly states there is no fine print or deductible at all, even the first 50 dollars as is the case with the credit cards of many other issuers.

Holders of this American Express business credit card get 1 point for every dollar spent in purchases and can get additional reward points via participating merchants. With the first use of this American Express business credit card one also receives 5,000 bonus points after their first initial purchase. Card holders of this business credit card also receive 5,000 bonus points for reaching $20,000 in spending, 20,000 more bonus points for reaching $50,000 in spending, and even another 10,000 bonus points upon the one-year renewal of the business credit card. According to CardOffers.com, “With a spending average of just $5,000 per month, cardholders can potentially earn up to 100,000 points or more in the first year alone.”. The American Express site claims that 100,000 points is enough for 4 domestic airline tickets!

There is an annual fee of $125 for the primary card holder for this business credit card and a $45 fee for each extra cardholder; however, the fee(s) for the primary cardholder and for added cardholders will be waived for the 1st year. Also it is important to note that you can get additional “Green” American Express credit cards at no additional cost.

Via the American Express OPEN Savings program, card holders can get discounts on products and services from participating merchants like FedEx, AT&T, Hertz, and more. It is important to review the disclosures, terms, and conditions for participating merchant discounts, as restrictions and limitations do apply at times.

With this American Express business credit card disputes are resolved without the paperwork hassles usually involved. If there’s ever a charge on your statement that don’t look right or you feel is wrong, all you have to do is call a member of the small business team at American Express and tell them about the issue. According to the American Express website they will take the charge off your bill and try to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

As with all business credit cards issued by American Express, cardholders can enjoy various services and benefits like purchase protection, auto rental insurance, up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance, emergency assistance, and travel related services as well.

If you are a business owner who intends to pay your balance in full each month and are looking for a recognized card that is widely accepted, then the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card might be the card for you.

Please not that at the time this article was written the features, terms, and condition of this business credit card offer was accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you decide to apply for this credit card please be certain to check the most recent terms and conditions as changes might have of occurred.

Clear From American Express Credit Card – Review

You can enjoy the comfort of no fees of any kind with the Clear Card from American Express. This includes no annual fee, no late fees, no over-the-limit fees, no balance transfer fees, and no cash advance fees. Rewards come automatically with the card. You can receive an American Express branded shopping card worth $25.00 delivered to you every time you spend $2,500 with the card. You can enjoy the most flexible of payment terms. The choice is yours to either pay in full or carry a balance. There is no annual fee and the card comes with a 0% intro APR for up to 12 months. You will have access to World Class Cardholder benefits including a purchase protection plan, a buyer’s assurance plan, and a returned merchandise protection plan.

The Identity Theft Assistance Plan is second to none. American Express has trained representatives on standby 24/7 to aid you in the credit theft recovery process should the need ever arise. These folks at American Express even provide you with a comprehensive package to help you in the task of re-establishing your deserved good credit. Do note that with the Clear Card from American Express you are also entitled to receive the best of World-Class Customer Service. If your card is ever lost or stolen representatives are also on standby 24/7 to cater to your needs. All one has to do is call the number located on the back of the Clear Card from American Express.

Managing your card via the internet is a breeze. The user friendly interface allows you to view the most up-to-date billing and card information including recent charges, transactions, and payments 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the Year-End Summary one can easily put their finances in order to just simply put their personal finances into perspective or to prepare for tax returns. The documents available online are well formatted to be printed should you desire to keep hard copies of any of your card related expense records.

One of the best and most useful features of this credit card is the famous American Express Fraud Protection Guarantee. Online or in the Brick-and-Mortar World, you will not be held accountable for unauthorized charges. Guarantees such as this always make it more easy to shop with confidence. The Return Protection feature is also outstanding. If you attempt to return a product to a merchant within 90 days of purchasing the item and the merchant won’t accept it, American Express will refund the purchase price up to $300.00 per item. This does not include shipping and handling charges and there is a maximum amount of $1000 that can be claimed annually per each card account.

Please note that at the time this article was written, all information reviewed was accurate to the best of my knowledge. Please be sure to read the latest terms and conditions before apply for this or any other credit card.