Credit Cards – Guidance and Useful Tips

Credit Card companies have introduced a lot of specific cards based up on the customers satisfaction and their current necessities. The severe competition led the worldwide banks and credit card companies to introduce numerous card products and numerous offers been introduced and its still continuing. Lets see some details behind this. Every surfer possibly came across hundreds of affiliate sites and the worldwide banks own websites promoting number of products. But, what’s the catch? and where to find the exact details?. Every one trying to market their products in numerous ways like text ads, RSS feeds, niche websites, pay-per-click and article marketing. But it’s very easy to hide the traps by using some exclusive attractive content.

Important and Informative: The FICO score normally known as “Credit Score” is become an unavoidable thing for people in america. This credit score determines the person’s benefits with the banks and other financial institutions. Lower credit score makes the banks to reject one’s application for any financial approach. But a lot of new credit cards have been introduced and named as Bad Credit Credit Cards and Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards helping the people with bad credit. Also “” provides a reliable solution for people with bad credit to obtain loans and recommendable credit cards. It’s always important to read the term and conditions of a credit card, before applying for a credit card. Always try to make the payment in time, or apply for a credit card which provides the option to pay overtime.There are some specific offers available, which allow its card members to pay the amount in overtime. Cards like Platinum Business FreedomPass Credit Card from OPEN(sm) the small business team and Bank of America Rewards(TM) American Express® Card provides the flexibility to its card holders to pay in over time.

Total Protection: It’s a more important thing to consider about the security provided for the card holders. Because we cannot see the Total security Protection with every offers, only some specific offers provides this facility to ensure its card members safety. It’s very important to ensure that the card provides 0% fraud liability. There should be absolute fraud protection against unauthorized use, online and offline. Some recommendable offers on these categories are BoatU.S.(TM) Platinum Plus® Visa® Card and Financial Rewards® Visa® Platinum Plus® Card are considerable products, but there are still more products offering this security services available in U.S market.

Fee and Interest Rates: This is the most important thing to keep in mind before applying for a credit card. because it has been estimated that more than 100 million americans carrying monthly credit card debt. There are possibilities that even if you make the payment on time, the credit card companies might charge you. So, the card holders must watch out for carrying balances. Also the fixed rates are not constant, the credit card companies may increase the interest rates by informing you, 15 days prior to change. Mostly this communication happen through your monthly credit card statement. So, spend some considerable time and go through your monthly statements. So one should be careful before applying for a credit card. Should read the user agreement thoroughly and also it is must to enquire about the conditions apply section. There are lot of cards have been introduced as low interest credit cards, no annual fee credit cards etc.. some specific offers are Discover® More Clear Card and Chase Freedom Cash are recommendable offers but there are still more offers to go.

Reward points: The credit card companies compete against each other with attractive incentives such as cash back, points reward schemes and balance transfer offers at zero percent. There are lot of new offers have been introduced in U.S by worldwide banks. but please think twice because, no one will offer anything in real life just to make others to enjoy benefits. The most gentle offers will carry this exact proportion (profit 50% plus customer satisfaction 50%). The Discover® Motiva Card and Blue from American Express® are good based on its card members opinion.

Some Useful Tips: Ask yourself these questions that do you need the card?, can you afford a credit card? and will you be able to pay the monthly balances each month?. Think twice before purchasing anything. Because, chances are there that you won’t be able to pay, when the credit card bill comes in. As a credit card consumer, you can request and obtain a free credit report once in every twelve months. You can obtain your credit report from the three major credit reporting companies 1.Equifax, 2. Experian and 3.TransUnion. Be smart when using your credit card at overseas. Because a lot of complaints filed with credit card companies that the consumers have been charged extra amount. Don’t use your credit cards at less reputable places.

Complaints and suggestions: If you would like to file a complaint about any credit card issue, go with the reliable organization. As far as i know the is one of the best at its services and they are well experienced to handle all the issues. The comptroller of currency and the Federal Reserve Board are also best places to go for the solution. Before filing a complaint, please discuss with the same credit card company regarding your issue. Because every organisation have their own concern about their customers.

I will also recommend to read a lot of articles about credit cards, because every article has its own opinions and advantages, that’ll let you know the exact details about every new credit card offers. Please use the credit cards based on your convenience and not for luxury. Because having your own money in your wallet will be more comfortable and safe. Even there are a lot of debit cards have the same advantages like credit cards. But as you know, these new debit card offers are based on your own amount and there’s not even a single dime comes as credit.

Jagan babu vasudevan is a Financial Functional Expert, researching about credit cards for more than 7 years. Conducting surveys about credit cards. And researching how to make credit cards work for the card holders.

Are you a trustee of a charity or a trust? If so then you will need access to a trustee bank account to let you manage the cash. Certainly a current account would be required before you consider savings accounts or any other investments

How To Find The Best College Credit Cards

College freshmen are bombarded with offers for college credit cards. They get all sorts of junk mail and e-mails saying enticing things like, “pre-approved for college credit cards.” Few students can resist these college credit cards marketing gimmicks.

Not that it’s bad for students to have and use college credit cards. Parents just have to be aware that this college credit cards craze will happen at the start of each year. Rather than fighting a battle they really can’t win, mom and dad should be sitting down with their college freshman son or daughter and explaining the ins and outs of college credit cards – the jargon, the responsibilities, the ramifications to their credit if they go overboard on college credit cards purchases they fail to pay on time.

The best student choices in college credit cards are those that start the college freshman out with a modest spending limit. Parents are probably going to be the ones paying the balance, anyway, for college freshmen at least, who don’t typically have jobs while they’re in their first college year.

While it’s almost a given that you would want to choose a college credit card with a low APR (annual percentage rate) this isn’t necessarily a bargain, as opposed to those whose APR is a little higher. There are other factors. If, for example, the introductory offer is the low APR and it only lasts for six months or one year, just what is the APR after that? Much higher? If that’s the case, you might be better off looking at college credit cards whose APR is a little higher the first year but at least consistent.

Just about all college credit cards are going to entice the student with gimmicks such as cash back or points towards rewards. What this is all about is keeping the student using the credit card for more and more purchases.

College credit cards can be managed online, and, of course, you’re not going to find many students who don’t have consistent and almost continual Internet access. The days of a student, or other cardholder, not knowing that their account is in trouble (their balance too high) until the monthly statement arrives in the mail is a thing of the past.

The other great advantage of this, too, is that parents can sit at home, across the street or across the country, and get online to see just what their college student child is doing with her or his college credit cards. This keeps the college student out of trouble and the parent out of debt – well, it helps anyway.

College credit cards almost always have a fraud and theft prevention feature, which is terrific. Dorms, unfortunately, are often too close and accessible for comfort when it comes to protecting student valuables. Seldom is there anything a whole lot more valuable to the student – and the parent – than the child’s college credit cards. This preventative feature is imperative. Don’t even consider college credit cards that don’t offer it!

College Credit Card Debt Tips For Parents and Students

The college credit card debt is skyrocketing. It does not help that the tuition and other costs are rising so some have credit card debt as high as $7000. They use plastic to buy textbooks and other school expenses. No wonder the amount charged has gone up from $942.00 four years ago to $2200.00, on the average

Parents have to prepare their children to avoid the college credit card debt. This is the best thing they can do. Talking about it before college will be of help but this has to be done regularly. Plan a time to do this on a weekly basis as the talk will involve not only calculation of fees and interest rates. Here are the tips for parents:

It will be useful to co-sign a credit card with the child as soon as he is mature enough to understand about finances.
Show the student how to get a credit card with no annual fee and a low limit.
Talk to the student about the terms of the credit card like the interest rate on what you buy and on advances as well.
Help the student keep a record of purchases so that he will not go over the limit for doing this may increase his interest rate on everything else he buys. Tell him also to avoid making cash advance as this incurs interest rate the moment you get it.
Every month when the statement arrives, check each purchase against your list. Point out the due date, the minimum payment due, and the full balance. Explain to him that if it is not paid in full, it will carry an interest rate which sometimes is double digit. The same is true if it is not paid on time.
Show what a good role model you are by exercising restraint in what you buy and in avoiding penalties.
Tell the student to make sure he understands the messages he receives in advertisements. He will have to comprehend the difference between what he needs and what he wants. This will prepare him to make wise decisions and will be better prepared to resist the lure of money.

Now how about the students? What do they have to do to avoid the financial mess of a high college credit card debt? Resist the temptation to sign up for credit cards just because they will give a t-shirt for it. It is better now that colleges and universities are restricting the marketing of credit cards on campus. Here are the tips for students:

Get only two credit cards for each one will carry some work for you. You have to record the fees, balances, interest rates, list of purchases and due dates.
The magic of compound interest will work against you when it comes to credit card debt.
Be careful what you buy. If you can’t pay for it in full at due date, even what you buy on sales could double the price down the road.
To get out of college credit card debt, stop using the plastic money, pay on time and pay more than the minimum. Pay off the card that incurs the highest interest rate and minimum only on the others. Then go to the card with the next highest rate.
Forgetting to pay on time will impact your credit score which will take years to correct.
If you need help, talk to someone trustworthy. Avoiding the statements will only make matter worst.
Use the card wisely. Be responsible with your finances and you will be fine.
Credit card is a tool that you can use to your advantage for it is convenient to have around. If used responsibly, you will build a credit rating that you will need in everything you do, be it buying something, renting or in buying a house. You will get the best deal all the time when you avoid college credit card debt.

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College Credit Card Debt

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College Credit Card Debt – Best Measures To Keep Surging Debt Levels At Bay

College credit card debt is one of those vital points to ponder and to be cautious about during your college days like classes, campus food, circle of friends, safety at campus etc. As you are all set to step in the most exciting and crucial part of your educational life, remember their enticing offers. You may certainly take opportunities of credit cards but only with the knowledge in how to keep off the college student debt worries. Let us first find out how these cards may introduce financial worries to your college days.

How To Guard Yourself Against Card Debts?

They may invade every possible spectrum of your college life including email box, mailboxes, campus bulletin board with their lucrative packages plus free gifts. With the offers like free t-shirts, new DVDs, free downloads and many more perks and returns on transactions, you hardly want to let them go. Once you grab and use one or two of these plastic cards, you feel like you got the power to indulge in your impulses and spend on everything you have wanted to – you hardly remember the cautious lines about card debt crisis.

Suddenly you can taste the piece of expensive pizza you have always loved, get popular among your buddies by buying them beer, coffee, cigarettes, gifts etc., all thanks to the power of the new plastic money in your wallet. Beware, all these glorious days may come to an end as you receive high interest card bills. Things worsen as you default payments and end up in an unending tunnel of bad credit days. Now that you have entered into the phase of bad debt, let us work out on how to get fix this situation.

At this point, online student debt consolidation loan can come to your rescue. Alternatively, you can select one of the college student debt management programs may help you regain control over your finances. These loans and debt management programs help college students reduce skyrocketing debt level by consolidating all the debts into one debt account. College students find great relief, as they remain responsible for only one monthly payment. Moreover, the program reduces the total payable amount by applying very low interest rates. Because the monthly payments gets cheaper and easier to pay and is generally continued regularly, the offender gets a second chance to improve his bad credit status with the help of the college credit card debt management solutions.

College Credit Card Debt – Get Rid Of The Burden & Make A Fresh Start

College credit card debt is becoming a common problem of most of the college going students. And why would it not be? After all, credit cards are something that even adults or grownups fail to use appropriately. Recently, it has become a trend for new entrants in college life to sign up for credit card(s) almost immediately. Soon, extravagance sets in. Students indulge in unnecessary expenditures at restaurants, garment stores, clubs, and so on. The hefty bills that they receive during the first few months don’t have much affect.

However, soon they realize that the amount of credit card bills is snowballing and the little repayments are simply not contributing toward reducing the amount. Then calls from creditors begin harassing them and the resultant frustration that can potentially harm their careers. Most of them think they are in a completely helpless situation. But actually, there are solutions to this predicament. College credit card debt can be paid off with the help of debt consolidation or credit card debt refinance. However, before you apply for debt consolidation or credit card debt refinance, you need to have a thorough understanding of the concept.

How To Get Rid Of Debt

There are two excellent and most practicable ways for college students to pay off the college credit card debt. One of these two is credit card debt consolidation.

There are many debt consolidation companies that generously grant consolidation loans to college students. The loan amount enables the students to pay off the dues on all of their credit cards. Having thus paid their dues, they then require paying only one monthly installment to repay the credit card debt consolidation loan. The advantages are many.

Firstly, the students who opt for consolidation loans are not harassed anymore by numerous creditors. Also, the interest rate on the consolidation loan is lower. Therefore, they save a good deal of money in terms of interest. Moreover, students don’t necessarily need to have excellent credit scores to qualify for consolidation loans. There are a good number of companies that provide bad credit students’ loans. These loans especially cater to students having bad or no credit history.

Another prudent way of eliminating college student credit card debt is to avail the facility of refinance on credit cards. Refinancing credit cards means transferring the balance of your old credit cards to a new credit card entailing lower rate of interest. The benefits are obvious. Firstly, you don’t need to fret about multiple monthly payments anymore. You just need to make one payment. Plus, you save hundreds of dollars in terms of interests. This makes repayment of debt much easier as the installment amount comes down.

However, it must be kept in mind that the best way of keeping your credit card debt under control is to exercise self-restraint. Even after exercising any of the above options you need to curb your extravagance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit much from these facilities.

College Credit Cards – The Pros and Cons

What’s the difference between a college credit card and a regular one?

College credit cards allow students to receive a card without prior credit history. It also allows them to pay their tuition fee via credit and enables them to receive certain benefits. A lot of college credit cards also offer lower interest rates and can be set-up by parents as prepaid accounts. Basically, what college cards offer is a more convenient way for kids to go about their lives away from home.

But what are the pros and cons of giving your college student a credit card?

Well, first and foremost, giving your child a college card ensures that all his needs will be met while he is away from home. He may run out of cash, he may empty his debit account, but he’ll have his credit card to fall back on for emergencies. Also, having a credit card means he doesn’t have to bring cash around so much in these dangerous times.

Another benefit is that having a credit-card might actually teach your child how to manage money more wisely. If you make him responsible for whatever charges he incurs on that card, he may learn how to budget his money in a better way.

But what are the consequences?

The main reason why credit card companies give out college cards is because they see a lucrative market in the student population. These kids will eventually graduate from school and work. Research has it that people tend to stick to the same bank they’ve had since college. However, credit card companies also know that a lot of kids are immature about how they spend – thus incurring great amounts of debt even before they graduate. And this here is perhaps the biggest consequence of giving your college kid a plastic of opportunity.

So, some things to think about before you give your child the coveted card: Is he/she responsible with money? Is he/she mature enough to pay bills on time? Can you trust that they won’t max their card out and have you come in to save them?

College Credit Card Debt – It Begins Early

College credit card debt can get more complex than it may first seem. You might wonder how a student could be tangled in the messy world of credit card debt. Probe further and you will know that this age group is most susceptible of landing up in a financial mess due to the mismanagement of credit card debt. College student credit card debt is more dangerous than adult credit card debts as they are a lesser known malaise. Students debt consolidation loan can affect the future and financial record of an individual very early in life.

How to Save Yourself from the Trap of College Credit Card Debt

Well, it is quite possible not to let yourself become a victim of college credit card debt. It is fairly understandable that the temptation to own and use a credit card is fairly high when you are flooded with offers (some of which are fairly attractive for individuals your age) to own a credit card almost five times each day. Using a credit card and ill-using a credit card though are two very different things. College student credit card debt can be avoided by following a few simple rules. Some of these rules are discussed below. Bad credit student loans are highly avoidable. Read on to know how.

Check The Details

Often the fine print of a credit card gets extremely deceptive. Though a credit card might be offering, a tempting low rate of interest, a quick check up of the fine print will might get you to realize that the low interest rate is valid only for a short duration of time. If you are not aware of the conditions given in fine print, you may end up increasing your college student credit card debt and later on you will have to look for bad credit debt help. While choosing a credit card, be careful about going through all the details of the agreement extremely carefully. You must go for the credit card that offers the least interest and not one, which offers the maximum incentives in the form of free gifts.

College Credit Card Debts – Often Caused by Impulsive Shopping

A number of students are lured by pseudo attractive offers that credit companies declare to acquire young buyers. Bad credit student loans are often a result of the fact that students end up owning a number of credit cards. There is also a tendency to take credit cards with high limits and continue spending until one reaches the limit. Impulsive shopping sprees are bound to increase college student credit card debts. While spending the money, most students do not realize that the money has to be paid back.


Using a debit card instead of a credit card can help you keep a check on your college credit card debts. Figuring out how and when you are going to payback before you make your purchase using a credit card is also a brilliant way of keeping bad credit student loans in check. You can also try leaving your credit card at home before visiting the shopping mall! Using credit cards with low maximum limits can also help curb your college student credit card debt.

Some Key Facts About College Credit Card Debt

Once you are out of school and into the college, the air of freedom sweeps you away and you feel you are well capable of taking any kind of a decision, without the interference from your parents. This mindset also creeps in financial freedom and often lands you in heavy college credit card debt.

Avoid Debt Entraps

One of the important things that you must realize before you accidentally get this mess is, how to steer clear of lucrative offers and think intelligently as ‘nothing comes for free’.

As soon as you will enter college campus, you will be showered with credit card offers, with various schemes comprising of exciting things. Do not get carried away and fill up an application form. Read the fine prints, which give the right scenario.

College student credit card debt results from small purchases that add up to become big financial liabilities. Small purchases like DVDs, cigarettes, beer etc tend to be impulsive buying, as students feel that credit card means free money.

According to a study, 54% of fresher have at least one credit card that lands them in USD 1500-USD 3000 credit card debt.

Manage Credit Cards Effectively

There are ways, in which you can maintain your credit card in an efficient manner. Firstly, go for a card that has low or no annual fee attached with it. Also, a card with lowest fixed percentage rate is good, even if that means low credit limit. Often cards with zero or low annual fee offer expire within 6 to 12 months. So read the fine prints before you decide to apply for one.

Always make purchases with your card, do not make the mistake of withdrawing cash with it, as the interest rate for cash advances is sky high.

Limit yourself and have a budget. Know how much balance you have to pay in advance, so that you can calculate the monthly payment. You should make more than just the minimum payment to pay off your college student credit card debt.

Learn to be punctual with your payments, as it saves you around USD 25 to USD 40 as late fine. Late payments are bad for your credit profile and result in a raise in interest late on all other credit cards.

A low credit limit is good to meet some emergency requirements and prevents you into getting into a credit card debt. A better option is to use your debit card, which is directly linked to your account and spend according to the money available in your bank account.

In case, you are already stuck up in a crisis, do not hesitate to opt for a bad credit student loan. Some companies offer a loan to pay up your bad credit; they even negotiate with your creditors and consolidate the payment into a single installment.

Following above mentioned advice can save you from getting ensnared into monetary crunch and help you manage your credit card wisely.